Is it Worth Investing in 3D TV Now

Before discussing this issue, it is important for one to have an understanding of what is actually the 3D TV we are talking about now.

The short answer is that 3D television is a display technology that enables viewers in the home to experience TV programs, movies and video games in what is referred to as a stereoscopic effect. It relies on the use of stereopsis or separation, to add the illusion of a third dimension to an otherwise two-dimensional flat image.

This illusion is created by simultaneously displaying two separate full-size but slightly different images of the same scene – one for the left eye and the other for the right eye. The differences in the two images are intended to mimic in very simple terms, the way the human vision system sees an object. The distance separating the eyes of a human being – referred to as interpupillary distance – helps the eyes see objects from a slightly different angle, leading to two slightly but distinct images. The brain processes these differences to generate among others, relative depth information to create the 3-dimensional image.

However, the way 3D TV generates a 3D image is not exactly in line with the way we see an object in space in that while 3D TV relies on image separation only, human vision uses both image separation and eye focusing cues to determine image depth. For many, this is not much of an issue in that image separation is often sufficient for the brain to determine relative image depth. However, this difference leads to a number of undesirable effects with 3D TV such as disorientation and in some cases, even headaches.

What is different from the 3D we have seen in the recent past is that now we are talking about a 3D experience that can support a 1080p HD image for each eye. Up to now, this was not possible.

Challenges of 3D in the Home


Well, 3D TV in the home has become a reality but… we believe that 3D Television still has to overcome a few serious issues before it will become a true mainstream technology in home entertainment.

In other words, it will still take a few more years for 3D TV technology to become the mainstream TV technology in the home.

Technology is still very expensive to be affordable by the average family. Suffice to say that at the present prices, a typical 3D HDTV and two pairs of 3D-glasses – (3D glasses are necessary for the displayed image by a 3D TV set to appear as a 3D illusion) cost some $1,000 more than a 2D equivalent HDTV. And two sets of glasses are the bare minimum; you a pair of 3D glasses for each member of the family viewing 3D TV content.

3D glasses – 3D TV’s necessary evil: We mentioned the 3D glasses. The issue with the glasses does not stop at their expensive price tag (circa $150 per pair). The added inconvenience brought about by the necessary 3D glasses is definitely something that not even TV makers know if the end consumer would eventually accept. You see, wearing a pair of 3D glasses for an extended period to watch one of the latest Blu ray movies in 3D is an acceptable compromise. But to enjoy all your TV viewing with a rather over sized 3D glasses is another matter.


3D experience in the home is different from that enjoyed at the movie theater. While there is no doubt that the 3D TV experience in the home is definitely pleasing, yet it is less immersive and impressive than in the movie theater.

3D Content: True 3D TV content is a scarce resource and no matter what the movie and entertainment industry will be doing in this respect, it will remain so for a number of years to come in comparison to what you have in 2D. It is true that some 3D HDTVs come with a 2D-to-3D converter but this would be like the vague virtual surround you get from an old stereo recording.

Upgrade Reluctance: Many have just upgraded from their tube TV to a flat panel TV; some have even got a step further and purchased their second LCD or plasma TV. These are still enjoying their ‘new’ HDTV purchase and I do not think that they will be the once to upgrade to the latest 3D TV technology – at least for now and at the present pricing.

Full HD TVs Buying Options

samsung tv

A frequent subject in the world of television is ‘full high definition TV’. Full HD TV’s prominence is dues to the changeover from analogue to digital television on 12/06/09. With this switch now done, high definition television is available to everyone, so all you need now is a HD Television.

Analogue television resolution is 640 x 480i – how does HD television differ from this? The most significant aspect is that the resolution is much greater. Standard high definition TV or HD ready TV (as is frequently used), has a resolution of 720p or 720i. Full HD TV has the best resolution of 1080p or 1080i.


What is the significance of the ‘p’ and ‘i’ used with 1080? The letters are abbreviations of progressive or interlaced scanning. This is basically the way that the picture is refreshed on the display. Interlaced refreshes alternate lines for every frame and progressive refreshes every line on every frame. For this reason 1080p is the more desirable form of scanning because it results in a smoother clearer picture.

It doesn’t mean that 1080p are essential for every situation however. 1080p can only really be noticeably appreciated on larger sets. For that reason you will still see smaller standard definition (or HD ready) televisions for sale, as they are perfectly suitable for use where a smaller screen size is required. However when purchasing a larger screen, like a 42 inch TV then to get the best HD experience possible the 1080p full HD TV is the way to go.

A decision you have to make when purchasing a new television is what type of HD technology do you want? There are three to choose from – Full HD plasma, Full HD LCD TV and it’s close cousin the LED TV.

Full HD Plasma TVs have been considered top of the range with regards to picture quality, however this is reflected in the price. Plasmas enjoyed this reputation due to their superior colour reproduction, contrast levels, and refresh rates which result in the best picture quality. However they are bigger and heavier, consume more power and are more expensive.

The people’s choice up to now has been the full HD LCD TV. A few years ago LCD televisions were some way behind plasmas. But because of the popularity of LCDs and technological advances in this technology the gap has been closed and LCDs are almost equal to plasmas but at a better price.

This is reflected by the fact that some manufacturers have plans to shelve the production of plasma TVs. Also contributing to this decision is that there are new technologies on the horizon which will eclipse plasmas.

samsung tv

One of the new breed of televisions which is already making an appearance in our stores is the LED TV. The name used for this type of TV could be considered a bit misleading, because and LED TV is still an LCD TV which just employs LED technology as it’s lighting source.

LED TVs do however have some improvements over conventional LCD displays. They can be made slimmer, have better colour reproduction, better contrast ratios, have better energy efficiency and have longer life-spans. They are however still new on the market and as always new technology comes at a price.

3D TV Review Shootout 2010 Samsung vs. Panasonic

I’ve been reviewing flat screen TVs and specifically plasma TVs since year 2000 when they first entered the market. In fact we performed the first ever plasma display review of a Sony plasma (then one of the first made). Back then 95% were used in the commercial display market for board rooms and computer display needs, some were for stores, others for government use. 

A lot has changed. LCD TVs much through propaganda campaigns from Sharp and other LCD TV manufacturers managed to keep fear feeding through the market place about some plasma TV inherent weaknesses – namely burn in, and longevity problems, and the occasional pixel failure problem. These problems were of course, remedied. But the stigma remained and LCD TVs kept taking market share – even with then inherently better picture quality from plasma.

3D TV represents a new possibility for plasma TV technology since the technology displays true 1080p HD to both eyes when displaying 3D TV content. Could 3D TV be a breath of life for old plasma TV? Maybe and only if plasma TV manufacturers decide to make a point of it…

Picture Quality


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs on the Panasonic TC-P50VT25.

3D TV Viewing: It was difficult to discern between the Samsung and Panasonic when viewing 3D Content. Whether this is because we haven’t reviewed much 3D TV material or whether it is due to a very close picture between the two we are unsure. We noticed the flash from the glasses from both TVs when surrounding room light was present. I felt that I noticed more natural color information on the Samsung just as with other non-3D TV viewed content. I also believed that I noticed more out of focus picture elements near the left and right edges of the screen on the Panasonic. Whether any of that is actual or perceived, it’s hard to say. I’m rather used to picking out defects in non-3D TV content after 12 years of doing so. I have my test discs to back up my thoughts as well. It’s more difficult with brand new content and a new format with no test material. I will say that I felt both TVs showed a very satisfactory, detailed and 3 dimensional image. Who gets the nod? This goes to the Samsung PN50C8000 only because of the perceived out of focus edges recurrent on the Panasonic. The competition was close. Both sets of glasses worked equally as well. Both TVs pulled me further into the 3D content.


Notes on the Viewing Experience: Good ole’ Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – one of the only testable 3D content sources available at present.It took us about 20 minutes to get used to wearing the 3D glasses. For one reviewer that wears prescription glasses it took longer and was never really comfortable. In the negative category, we experienced flashing from the glasses when there was room or ambient light present with both the Samsung and Panasonic. This was apparently caused by the ambient light interfering with the infrared receiver on the glasses.

Turning your head away from the TV can also cuase the glasses to shut off and turn back on again when you look back to the TV. Without other light sources in the room we didn’t experience the issue. I also found that keeping my head still during viewing helped the viewing experience. Overall, after I got used to it, I enjoyed the experience and the movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs).The big question: Did the 3D movie, TV, and glasses enhance the experience? For me the answer is yes, it did, I felt that it enveloped me in the movie more. 3D TV is all about making the viewer feel more involved in the content and I would agree that it succeeded in that. On a critical note about the Panasonic VT25 I felt the edges were distractingly out of focus at times, in comparison to the Samsung which we were also reviewing.

Processor Testing: Testing with both 480i and 1080p signals resulted in very satisfactory scores for the Samsung plasma. The TV displayed very smooth transitions in the car racing stadium seating tests while eliminating the moire’ patterns quickly. There was also little to no annoying background motion artifacts with either signal. The judder reduction feature on the C8000 works well and reduced side to side panning judder effectively.

We were very disappointed with the Panasonic VT25 chipset. There was significant background motion artifacts and noise as well as significant judder jerky effects with objects moving side to side.

Advantage: Samsung PN50C8000

Calibration: The Samsung C8000 trumped the Panasonic VT25 in color accuracy during calibration – zeroing in on D6500K nearly perfectly. The Samsung also allows calibration adjustment of all six colors including Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow while the Panasonic allows only primary red, green, blue. Due to the Panasonic’s intense brightness and color saturation issues, it was much more difficult to calibrate and balance color.

Advantage: Samsung PN50C8000


A shot from the Blu Ray version of Alexander shows vivid accurate colors on the Samsung PN50C8000

The same shot on the Panasonic TC-P50VT25 shows over saturation of color information

HD and Standard Definition Picture Quality: With both HD sources and standard definition content the Panasonic VT25 produced a very vibrant, colorful, vivid image even after being toned down during our calibration. The picture frequently tends toward over saturation of color information. Processing testing and content revealed motion artifacts and background noise as well as some flicker. 

The Samsung PN50C8000 displays wonderfully balanced color information and uniformity. Images are presented in a clean and clear manner devoid of artifacts, with colors properly saturated. Colors may seem a little washed out and weak at first but further viewing reveals them to be accurate and realistic. This was the case with both up converted standard definition material and HD content.

Advantage: Samsung PN50C8000

Panasonic TC-P50VT25: This dark scene shot from the Blu Ray of Wyatt Earp reveals oversaturated blue tones in the Panasonic. Notice also the black bars top and bottom of the picture. The bars should be saturated black as they are on the Samsung below.

The same scene on the Samsung PN5C8000.

Contrast Ratio Measurement: The Panasonic TC-P50VT25 measured 2239:1 post calibration contrast ratio when the panel light was on high. The Samsung plasma registered 1716:1.

Advantage: Panasonic TC-P50VT25

Features Options and Performance

Audio Quality: The two TVs had similar quality in audio with volume levels about the same despite the 3 X 10W speakers in the Panasonic compared to the 2 X 10W speakers in the Samsung. We felt the Samsung’s overall sound quality was more balanced and voice/dialog performed better due to the Clear Voice feature. The VT25 did not have a voice enhancement feature. We felt music sounded better on the Panasonic no doubt due to the extra speaker.Advantage: Even

The VT25 comes with one pair of 3D glasses included while the C8000 does not. Both sets of glasses worked well and will fit over normal glasses (though maybe unconfortably).

3D TV Glasses: The Samsung 3D shutter glasses look more like a normal pair of sunglasses which I like. They are also rechargeable through a USB port on the TV or computer. The Panasonic 3D glasses performed just as well but are not rechargeable and also cost more. Both pairs emit flashing when surrounding light is present and certain obscure conditions collide. The Samsung glasses cost $50 less.

Advantage: Samsung PN50C8000

images (4)

Internet Options: The Samsung PN50C8000 Internet suite is more complete with Netflix, Blockbuster, twitter, facebook, USA Today, Napster, Yahoo and more. Panasonic’s options were just a little too limited at present though they are adding twitter and Fox Sports soon. The VT25 currently does not offer Netflix, facebook, or several other options. One highlight over the Samsung is Skype compatibility.

Advantage: Samsung PN50C8000

Design and Appearance: Panasonic decided not to play ball in the aesthetics category presenting yesteryear’s black gloss wide 2.25″ bezel framing, 3.5 inch depth and a not so attractive dark teal green screen that contrasts poorly with the black frame. At least the stand is a new oval shape and swivels side to side 17 degrees.The Samsung PN50C8000 by contrast is a beautiful TV with less than a 2″ frame and with many design elements including a clear neck on the chrome swiveling table top stand, a matte dark charcoal metallic finish on the bezel frame, sleek 1.4″ depth, and a dark black/purple screen.

Advantage: Samsung PN50C8000

Remote Control and Menu Functionality: The Samsung was again the clear winner with a superior menu system with more options, and a far nicer remote control

The Samsung PN50C8000 Remote control is super while the Panasonic remote feels cheap)

Advantage: Samsung PN50C8000

Value/Price Considerations

Both TVs sell for around $2500. I would definitely try to get the 3D glasses and 3D Blu Ray included in a package as this will make a big difference. The Panasonic TC-P50VT25 did come with a pair of glasses in the box while the Samsung did not.Advantage: EvenOverall Scoring
* The lopsided scoring on this challenge review does not mean that we think the Panasonic VT25 series is a poor performer. In fact, many people with brighter room environments may prefer the exceptionally bright colors from the Panasonic. The TC-P50VT25 scored a cumulative overall rating of 90.6 in our review of the model.

Nokia N8 Features


Nokia, the company that connects people around the world has decided to hit the deck hard extending the challenge for contemporaries in the industry. It has gone strong into consumer hands with a superb invention named the Nokia N8. This device by the pioneer has not only tackled present communication barriers but also has succeeded in entertaining consumers a great deal! Moreover, it is important t state that the Nokia N8 is certainly opted to be a head turner!

Equipped with an AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 16 million colors, the Nokia N8 fights the challenge of bringing back the Symbian Operating System into operation. Furthermore, it has an internal memory of 16GB which is more than adequate for the current users. The operations of the N8 are supported by a RAM of 256MB and a ROM at 512MB. These features have simply proved the excellence of this device which is certainly a workhorse!

This device by Nokia is expected not only pose troubles on its contemporaries but also on the digital camera industry. For the first time ever the latter stated field has been threatened by a mobile phone which is studded with a superb camera quality of 12 mega pixels! This has proven to be drastic for some though it has become a treat for users who are also supported by its features of geo tagging, xenon flash, auto focus as well as a face and smile detector.

These are not only the challenges which Nokia extends to rivals, but also its command in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and its compatibility with a 3.5mm audio jack have further polished the device’s demand. When all these features are put together with GPS with A-GPS support, a microUSB port with USB host support, a digital compass, 3G, a secondary VGA camera, radio and a compatibility with DivX, XviD, MP4, MP3, WMA and WAV formats the N8 certainly becomes an exceptional product.

Therefore, one may easily state the Nokia N8 as a device full of ease that can be appreciated in many different colours, including dark grey, silver white, green, blue or orange. This is also a product full of surprises for users in the present and exceptional in operation commanding its game at a steady pace.

Newly Released LG Encore All Touch Phone


The LG Encore all touch phone is meant to provide people with a more affordable option for a phone that has the same touchscreen capabilities that other more expensive phones have. The AT&T phones come with a three inch screen that allows the convenience of finding programs much faster than regular phones. The Encore phone also comes with a camera that allows video recording, media player, a GPS system, blue tooth, and 3G network.

The media player has radio stations that can stream live through a Dolby playback speaker. People who use the phone could talk on the phone without hanging up and at the same time, transmit a recorded video. The applications that come with the phone have been pre-loaded with social network capabilities and an Opera search engine.

Address books on the phone can connect to address books on email, so that a person does not have to hand type them all in. Users can comfortably talk up to three hours on the phone while having a stand by mode of up to ten days. The LG Encore accessories offered through AT&T are battery chargers and adapters for the home and car. LG Encore cases and belt clips are offered for easier transport. A bluetooth headset is ideal for hands on driving convenience, and extra memory cards to store more files for listening and viewing pleasure. The phones also come with LG Encore Screen Protectors that protect the screen from smudges and damage.


The LG Encore accessories also offer a cradle that can be placed in a car to provide a convenient view angle while driving and answer calls hand-free. Installing a cradle will mean less lost calls. There are various cradle mount holders that are easy to install inside of a car, which includes portable dash mounts, a grip it holder, windshield mount, a cup it holder kit, and a five piece set holder. The windshield mount also has a holder that comes with a picture frame where the consumer can put a picture of their choice into the frame. The grip it holder can be adjusted to fit the size of the phone. The holders can also hold a GPS unit.

The LG Encore accessories can also include silicone cases in different colors to wrap over the phone and provide protection against unwanted surface damage. The skin cases are made to fit any size phone. The form fitting contour used for the skin cases allow comfort and convenience so that people will not even realize it is there. The touchscreen phones are lightweight and compact and can easily fit into a pocket or purse. They are also thin phones that can be conveniently held in the hand when searching through the touchscreen menu. The back cover is easy to slip off when changing sim cards.

Motorola Mobile Phones

motorola logo

Motorola offer some very cool mobile phones that are sleek and thin, they also come in a variety of colours such as black, silver and pink. Motorola are famous for their thin mobile phones with large screens so they are very easy to use, the large screens make them ideal for text  messaging and their slim design makes them easy to carry around.

Motorola offer some of the best looking mobile phones that you can buy so if style is important to you then Motorola are a very good choice when buying a mobile phone. Silver and black are very popular with metallic features, they also often mix silver and black to get a very modern design. Motorola also offer pink mobile phones which are very popular with the girls, pink Motorola mobile phones stand out and make a very bold fashion statement.

There are lots of cool features that Motorola mobile phones often have, most have a quality digital camera so you can easily take quick digital photos where ever you are. The digital cameras that come with most Motorola mobile phones are of a very high quality, they usually have more than one mega pixel so the photos that the digital camera takes are of a very high quality. The digital camera is also often capable of recording video so you can easily record video clips which is lots of fun, do check the amount of memory that the phone has though to store digital photos and videos as they can take up space very quickly.

Many Motorola mobile phones are also 3G compatible so they offer lots of advanced features such as video calling and broadband Internet speeds. The 3G motorola mobile phones have to be used on a network that supports 3G technology such as 3, Orange or Vodafone, many of these networks offer very cheap deals on their contract deals so you can easily find a cheap deal that has 3G included.

Motorola Luge 3
There are also lots of other features to look out for when buying a Motorola mobile phone such as Bluetooth, with Bluetooth you can connect wirelessly to other devices that also have Bluetooth and transfer files such as pictures and ring tones. You can also use a Bluetooth headset so that you can make hands free calls so Bluetooth is a feature that is well worth looking out for.

There are many mobile phone shops that sell Motorola mobile phones online and we have listed lots of their Motorola mobile phones on this page. These include contract and Pay As You Go deals from lots of top mobile phone shops and we also have eBay listings so it is very easy to find a cheap Motorola mobile phone here.

A contract usually works out cheaper as you often get a free Motorola mobile phone which is excellent as they are often quite expensive, with a contract the call minutes and text messages also work out cheaper so a contract is usually the best option when you buy a Motorola mobile phone. Many contracts also offer some very cheap special offers which include half price line rental or free extra call minutes and text messages so if you shop around you can find a very cheap contract deal. There are lots of Motorola mobile phones on Pay As You Go tariffs though if this is what you would prefer to buy, Pay As You Go offers more flexibility and is ideal for people who cannot get a contract.

Is The BlackBerry Torch Comparable To The IPhone 4?


Apple’s iPhone is one of the extremely rare products (and a great success at that) which
virtually sells itself. The term ‘iPhone’ has practically become a household word. Challengers, especially Android-based phones, have waged war with it, but haven’t come close to capturing even half of the iPhone’s customer base. Blackberry is now betting its cards against Apple. But the big question that everyone wants an answer to is: will the Blackberry Torch really burn a hole in Apple’s deep pockets, or will it be another product that’ll succumb to the behemoth?

But before we begin to pit these two phones against each other, let’s look briefly at the all-new Blackberry Torch and Blackberry Torch accessories. The Blackberry Torch 9800 is a brand new ‘slider’ phone and a concept co-developed by RIM. It features the much-anticipated BlackBerry 6 operating system, an upgraded web-browser that supports tabbed-browsing–and sports a plethora of other goodies. A 4GB memory car, 5.0 MP camera and video recording, integrated GPS-ready, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth-readiness, and 3G connectivity all come standard. The G2 is a complete phone, which includes both a QWERTY keyboard a touchscreen, as well as the Blackberry trackpad.

The iPhone 4′s display, as well as high-def camera, is hands-down better. Sporting a 640 X 960 pixel resolution, The Blackberry Torch’s 360 X 480 resolution just seems meager. That’s not to say that the Torch isn’t good; it’s still better-than average in resolution. Apple, with its mastery of the capacitive touch screen and Retina screen, outshines the Torch, though. The Blackberry Torch shoots great 5 MP photos and decent video, but again, the iPhone 4 is better by almost all critics’ judgments. Breaking Apple’s mastery of display crispness and high-definition photo capability is a feat that, so far, no carrier on the market can quite match. People would declare the iPhone a definite winner just by taking a glace at the phone’s specs. Not so. The Torch features a 624MHz chip and the iPhone–a 1GHz. On the flip-side, the BlackBerry Torch has full multitasking capability, opposed to the iPhone, which only supports partial multi-tasking. In real-life tests, the results are still close–but the Blackberry comes out the victor when it comes down to the nitty-gritty. Also, the number of applications and features is the main selling point to many customers. Thus, both phones have access to the best browser resource currently available–Webkit. What’s different is that the Blackberry Torch’s set of apps and available apps tend to be more for business and aren’t nearly as plentiful as the other phone. The iPhone 4′s seemingly never-ending superstore of applications–many of them free–shames the Torch’s. Expect Blackberry,though, to start offering more apps in the future. But Apple is thus the clear victor in applications.

While some claim the Torch’s interface is superior–many others stay loyal to Apple’s side of the field. Essentially, Apple’s iOS 4 O/S is fairly simpler, easier to navigate and use. The Torch has just as many features–like PUSH and Exchange support/universal mailbox–as the iPhone, but comes up a little short in the usability department. Apple seems to have the advantage in this case. The BlackBerry has the physical keyboard working in its advantage, though. Many would agree that nothing would be more satisfying that the feel of a physical keyboard. Here, the Blackberry Torch wins with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard and the iPhone loses. Finally, both the iPhone and Blackberry Torch come with high-capacity batteries, and both last (according to several published studies) roughly the same duration. This will undoubtedly make iPhone junkies happy, due to the previous 3G/3GS’s notoriety for mediocre battery life. The Blackberry ships with a 4GB SD card, and it’s expandable to 32GB. It also has 4 gigs of internal flash memory, bringing the total to 8 GB. Apparently, the folks at Apple don’t like the idea of having a SD card slot, so there is none (much to the chagrin of many Apple users). However, Apple users still have a choice between the 16 and 32 GB internal memory.


However, there is no lack of Blackberry Torch Accessories, chargers and cases. Some of the ‘cooler’ items include: a mobile printer from Polaroid (that prints photo directly from the phone unto the small, mobile printer), a sun visor-mounted text-to-speech speakerphone, and even a device that transforms the phone into a universal TV remote! The online Blackberry store also carries a wealth of Blackberry Torch cases and ac/dc chargers. The cases come in portfolio-style, holster, pouch/pocket-style. And of course they have home chargers and car chargers, all at various prices and in various styles. Accessories that come included are: a 4GB SD CARD, 1270 mAh cryptographic lithium battery, wall charger, manual, Blackberry software, quick start guide, data-sync USB cable, stereo headphones, and Blackberry software.

HTC HD7 Review


HTC has announced its latest mobile device named the HTC HD7and has made its intentions clear in capitalization. It comprises of a 4.3″ screen and a kickstand which are its main features. However, this gigantic screen which provides users with an epic cinematic experience has proven itself to be more than a handful for its users where they can also enjoy their favorite movies at home. With a display of 16 million colors and an S-LCD capacitive touch screen this device finely fits your needs.


Its Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD8250 1GHz processor speed and Windows Phone 7 OS is more likely to drive consumers over the edge of excitement because it provides zero waiting. Now with this newest member of the HTC family users can experience the glory of Xbox live in their palm being equipped by numerous gaming options that are in-built. Its Dolby Mobile as well as virtual surround sounds tagged with a 3.5mm audio jack is more likely designed to suit its elegant function.

Now users can touch down on a unique photographic masterpiece using its 5MP camera quality which is coupled with auto focus, dual LED flash and Geo-tagging. With an internal memory of 8GB that can be upgraded to fit your needs this device is certainly a speedster when supported by a 512MB ROM and a RAM at 576MB. Its ability to provide you up to date details of the stock market makes this product exceptional.

One of the most distinct features of HTC mobiles is their HTC hub. This is the ultimate gateway that carries users to the efficient HTC world in HTC style! Through this application now you can get the latest updates on the prevailing weather right outside your doors in rich 3D animations. Furthermore, when such perfect qualities are accompanied by Facebook and Twitter integration, pocket office and GPS facilities with A-GPS support consumers are definitely thrown into a world of surprises.

Therefore, it is quite clearly visible that this new wave which is rising high and strong with loads of expectations is expected to hit the coasts of perfection soon. So, consumers are more likely to feel a bag full of surprises taking this new turn by HTC into consideration.

Nokia N8 Gallery

Standing proudly connecting people worldwide, today Nokia is firing out its big guns in order to gain possession among its contemporaries when it comes to features and flavors. Kicking off as a multi tasking device in the present, the Nokia N8 has been able to tackle not only communication challenges but also entertainment requirements of consumers. Announced last April and released recently, theNokia N8 has already become a device which owns tons of glory!

Equipped with an AMOLED capacitive touch screen with 16 million colors, the Nokia N8 fights the challenge of bringing back the Symbian Operating System into operation. Furthermore, it has an internal memory of 16GB which is more than adequate for the current users. The operations of the N8 are supported by a RAM of 256MB and a ROM at 512MB. These features have simply proved the excellence of this device which is certainly a workhorse!


Surprisingly, the N8 has challenged digital cameras at their own game being studded with a magnificent 12 mega pixel camera with a large sensor which boasts of very high quality images. Furthermore, it is equipped with auto focus and xenon flash, geo tagging and detects faces and smiles. Its built in ND filter just makes images memorable for the user.

Apart from these features, the Nokia N8 is equipped with all modern requirements such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 3.5mm stereo jack. It is also studded with a GPS receiver with A-GPS and is equipped with a microUSB port with USB host support. Apart from these main features the N8 consists with basic features of a new generation device such as compatibility of DivX, XviD, MP4, MP3, WMA and WAV formats, a digital compass, 3G, a secondary VGA camera and radio.

When such features are put together with a casing of dark grey, silver white, green, blue or orange the N8 certainly becomes a market leader. This is already visible among consumers who consider this as a device that hits hard and plays tough in order to get their latest needs of an electronic device a success

How You Can Transfer Video Clips And Tunes To Your IPhone 4

iphone 4

iphone 4

Despite the fact that the iPhone four is a mobile phone that is not all that it is great for. You will discover that you almost certainly are going to utilize your iphone for a lot of other things such as photos, games, and of course tunes and movies to increase the general experience of owning the product. Nonetheless, you may find yourself a little stumped on how to use the many capabilities that can be found. Transferring tunes and videos is a very simple procedure that you will absolutely find yourself using regularly.

Do not Sync the iPhone 4 on auto-pilot many people choose to go along with the default settings that are supplied when you choose to connect the iPhone to the computer. Nevertheless, you might also find that it is a lot much more helpful to complete everything manually because you are offered much more control over what really will get transferred to the device. You may share a pc with someone and not want their music and videos to be transferred over to overload it and make your device appear bogged down.

In order to set it not to automatically sync you will want to un-check the automatically sync option which can be found under the summary tab. iTunes will not appear automatically once the device is connected but you can choose to carry out the process yourself when and if you want to.

Physically Syncing the iPhone four to obtain Tunes and Movies now that you have disabled that you can really place the media that you want to carry around with you on the iPhone 4. All of the sync settings need to be utilized once you have disabled the automatic ability. Right after you click on on the sync button you have to choose which tunes and movies that are going to be added by checking the preferred products under the tunes tab. You are able to select the songs or podcasts that are in your library and either add all of them or decide to create only a choose few. All the control is in your hands completely.

Adding Movies to the iPhone 4 video clip is something that is just as easy so as to add to the phone because it is just like the songs. Once you have additional tunes select the video tab and then either selecting all of the products or picking and choosing individual files that you would like to be in a position to watch any time via your iPhone 4.

Access Your Photos Any time through the iPhone 4 Music and videos aren’t the only things that you may want to be able to utilize at any time. Your photos may also come in handy to show people while you’re leading your busy life on a day to day basis. You will need to use a separate program in order to import the photos but it is generally just as simple as bringing in music and videos.

An iPhone four is a very useful gadget that you are going to want to use for a few different tasks so maximize the capabilities.


Guide for buying smartphones in Kenya

Mobile phone industry has proved to be one of the fast growing in African and world in general. Different brands are coming on board day by day leaving the consumer spoilt of choice. The race for buying smartphones in Kenya is confusing, and that’s the reason I am writing this. Consumers have to be well versed on what is the best in the market currently. In Kenya, we have three different ranges of smartphone users namely the low budget, middle budget, and high-end budget. This goes a long way to various brands with various features.

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An additional good thing of going for a top of a trendy smartphone, say like an iPhone 6 or Huawei P8, is that the resale that tends to hold after some time, so make your gadget an investment that pays well. That being said below is the breakdown of our different levels of our buyer guide:

Buy Smartphones at an affordable price in Kenya

To buy a smartphone in Kenya, there are a couple of way to go, Latest best smartphones come in different terms and technology as well as those consumers who pick up a loan to have that high-class phone. Having said that, it is vital for mobile phone users to do a research before deciding on which smartphone to buy in Kenya. It’s interesting to say that the best mobile phones in Kenya are of high quality for Kenya buyers. This guide will help you in making the best decisions regarding price, features, and brand.

Purchasing a mobile phone means going into a profoundly individual decision with an exceedingly convenient design and display. That is the reason you ought to know how good it is since you need to understand its value for your money. Ensure you’re satisfied with the way it looks and – this is important- and ensure that your mobile phone compliments your feeling of style. This is seen in smooth metal handsets and basic flip smartphones as it is for elastic plated robust handsets.

I decided I will break down this guide into different sections to have that clear view of every aspect of each buying a smartphone in Kenya. A clear description that ranges from the best camera phone to the best giant screen smartphone to purchase. Without wasting time, let’s now have a well-detailed breakdown of this. So take your time to read and digest everything on this article before you place that order!

Buy Low Budget Smartphone

Many knew cheap smartphones were just smart by name only. Despite the fact that they could make calls and connect to the internet, still people seemed bothered by their internal responsiveness regarding the apps. The moment you know you got the best phone is when you are with your friends. The experience was disgusting, and consumers could not afford such in the smartphone Kenyan market. Recently, things have changed in Kenya with the introduction of cheap mobile phones in the Kenyan domains.

These kinds of phones are in plenty in up-country since some parts have a problem with electricity. The low budget smartphones have very low power consumption unlike other high-tech mobile phones. However, one looks cheap and outdated; I mean not in line with today’s trendy technology. You will also notice that the sellers also do not ship the expensive phones to the up-country; this is because there are very fewer buyers of such expensive smartphones. I believe the most important thing is communication, I mean one can make a call, receive a call and also send that lovely text message. That means one don’t need that more, more so the old or the aged. They complain of ether the internet or things concerning phone entertainment. Below is an excellent phone worth below 5000 Shs. Take a look!

Wiko Goa

From the French man, manufacture is this awesome smartphone going for a p54rice as low as 5000 Shs. As an entry level smartphone in Kenya, their specification goes overboard to the introduction of Android OS, v4.4.2 (Kit Kat). Key specifications include 3.5 inches, dual core 1 GHz, 2MP, and a 1300 mAh battery. If you belong to this slot, worry no more, log in to your best online shop Kilimall and walk away with such a phone of below 5000 Shs.

Buy Middle Budget Smartphone

Now this is the segment that many Kenyans play at. Smartphones of less 10,000 Shs! Even the smartphone sellers know this secret. They focus more in importing these kinds of smartphones. The demand of this segment is far high than the 5000 Shs segment. Such a mobile phone will provide all your desire in any segment provided you don’t expect that much in accuracy. At this range, everyone at any particular area in Kenya can afford this. It’s a cutting-edge price more so loved by the youths of today. Entertainment to them is very vital as well as the internet. Their most worry is music videos and gaming. Such phones can be mistaken to be the high-end budget phones.

Many companies nowadays are striving to bring into board these kinds of smartphones. Equally, manufactures are trying to corn the high-end smartphones into middle budget mobile phones. Customers on the other hand are on run to these kinds of phones. They come in with a large display and good camera to woo the middle range buyers. This guide gives one of the new entrants to in the mobile phone market. The Cubot phone company has what the consumer is looking for regarding a good and high qu7alituy smartphone. Now check out this phone for just 10000 Shs below.

Cubot Note S

Not long ago before the introduction of this smartphone in Kenya months ago. It’s a phone that many Kenyans have fallen in love with due to its features and the good price that comes with it. During the launch, the smartphone was regarded as a “proudly Kenyan” phone due to its African designed back-cover that was specifically developed by Kenyan designers. This top-notch phone comes with a 5.5”, 2GB/16GB, and a 2-day battery life going for only 8,888 Shs. Hurry for this because I know you are already salivating for one!

Buy High-end Budget Smartphone

Smartphone industry in Kenya is a never-ending with top Google Android phones that will take you to the ladder. The review of these top phones can make you wonder which is which. Every phone is coming with its unique feature that the other don’t have. Some will have the best hardware, others the latest Google software and some comes with the highest value. Latest cheap phones have been compared with the best mobile phones regarding the camera, display size, storage, and battery life. Now let’s look on this one phone that the millionaires own.

“Which mobile phone should I buy?” This is the absolute most basic question that comes. You ask phone analysts like us every time. We get it – it can be a test, particularly with good decisions, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S Plus. Be that it may be expensive,  way over your value range and how accessible where you live, the new smartphone you ought to be getting may not be a top gear- this can turn out to be Nokia Lumia 640 or one of the less known Motorola Moto Gs.

On the other side, alternatives are something worth being thankful for, in as much as you’re well versed with learning important to settle on keen shopping choices. Be on the safe side as I lay out what you have to know not what is trending as the most expensive gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Even the biggest brands know that the best place to do their phone launching is only in Kenya. The new phones always arrive on time here in Kenya. Take for example the new Samsung Galaxy S7; it arrived in few months after the international launch. Kenya smartphone industry never gets late in marketing any new phone in the market. So the new Galaxy S7 came and conquered due to its awesome features that come with it. The best part of it is the battery that is more advanced regarding the battery life increased to over 40% from its predecessors. This giant phone comes with a 6.0 Android Marshmallow, 5.1”, 32GB storage, 4GB internal, 12MP/5MP, and most importantly a 3000 mAh battery. This is a phone to dream of! By the time you reach here, you will find a Galaxy S15! LOL!


The End:

By now I know you have an excellent overview about what phone best suits you. If it’s about that buying low-end phone or that high-end mobile phone, take your time and choose the best. It’s all about choosing what is trending in Kenya smartphone industry. The moment you know you got the best phone is when you are with your friends. They will ask for it and maybe take those hot selfies as you watch. Later on, you will hear their comments. If they are good, count yourself as the best buyer. Also, watch out for cons, who manufacture something next to original, they can screw you up! Read the best and buy the best smartphones in Kenya. It’s all a matter of time that you upgrade to what comes next. Be in the frontline and take the lead!