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Mobile phone industry has proved to be one of the fast growing in African and world in general. Different brands are coming on board day by day leaving the consumer spoilt of choice. The race for buying smartphones in Kenya is confusing, and that’s the reason I am writing this. Consumers have to be well versed on what is the best in the market currently. In Kenya, we have three different ranges of smartphone users namely the low budget, middle budget, and high-end budget. This goes a long way to various brands with various features.

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An additional good thing of going for a top of a trendy smartphone, say like an iPhone 6 or Huawei P8, is that the resale that tends to hold after some time, so make your gadget an investment that pays well. That being said below is the breakdown of our different levels of our buyer guide:

Buy Smartphones at an affordable price in Kenya

To buy a smartphone in Kenya, there are a couple of way to go, Latest best smartphones come in different terms and technology as well as those consumers who pick up a loan to have that high-class phone. Having said that, it is vital for mobile phone users to do a research before deciding on which smartphone to buy in Kenya. It’s interesting to say that the best mobile phones in Kenya are of high quality for Kenya buyers. This guide will help you in making the best decisions regarding price, features, and brand.

Purchasing a mobile phone means going into a profoundly individual decision with an exceedingly convenient design and display. That is the reason you ought to know how good it is since you need to understand its value for your money. Ensure you’re satisfied with the way it looks and – this is important- and ensure that your mobile phone compliments your feeling of style. This is seen in smooth metal handsets and basic flip smartphones as it is for elastic plated robust handsets.

I decided I will break down this guide into different sections to have that clear view of every aspect of each buying a smartphone in Kenya. A clear description that ranges from the best camera phone to the best giant screen smartphone to purchase. Without wasting time, let’s now have a well-detailed breakdown of this. So take your time to read and digest everything on this article before you place that order!

Buy Low Budget Smartphone

Many knew cheap smartphones were just smart by name only. Despite the fact that they could make calls and connect to the internet, still people seemed bothered by their internal responsiveness regarding the apps. The moment you know you got the best phone is when you are with your friends. The experience was disgusting, and consumers could not afford such in the smartphone Kenyan market. Recently, things have changed in Kenya with the introduction of cheap mobile phones in the Kenyan domains.

These kinds of phones are in plenty in up-country since some parts have a problem with electricity. The low budget smartphones have very low power consumption unlike other high-tech mobile phones. However, one looks cheap and outdated; I mean not in line with today’s trendy technology. You will also notice that the sellers also do not ship the expensive phones to the up-country; this is because there are very fewer buyers of such expensive smartphones. I believe the most important thing is communication, I mean one can make a call, receive a call and also send that lovely text message. That means one don’t need that more, more so the old or the aged. They complain of ether the internet or things concerning phone entertainment. Below is an excellent phone worth below 5000 Shs. Take a look!

Wiko Goa

From the French man, manufacture is this awesome smartphone going for a p54rice as low as 5000 Shs. As an entry level smartphone in Kenya, their specification goes overboard to the introduction of Android OS, v4.4.2 (Kit Kat). Key specifications include 3.5 inches, dual core 1 GHz, 2MP, and a 1300 mAh battery. If you belong to this slot, worry no more, log in to your best online shop Kilimall and walk away with such a phone of below 5000 Shs.

Buy Middle Budget Smartphone

Now this is the segment that many Kenyans play at. Smartphones of less 10,000 Shs! Even the smartphone sellers know this secret. They focus more in importing these kinds of smartphones. The demand of this segment is far high than the 5000 Shs segment. Such a mobile phone will provide all your desire in any segment provided you don’t expect that much in accuracy. At this range, everyone at any particular area in Kenya can afford this. It’s a cutting-edge price more so loved by the youths of today. Entertainment to them is very vital as well as the internet. Their most worry is music videos and gaming. Such phones can be mistaken to be the high-end budget phones.

Many companies nowadays are striving to bring into board these kinds of smartphones. Equally, manufactures are trying to corn the high-end smartphones into middle budget mobile phones. Customers on the other hand are on run to these kinds of phones. They come in with a large display and good camera to woo the middle range buyers. This guide gives one of the new entrants to in the mobile phone market. The Cubot phone company has what the consumer is looking for regarding a good and high qu7alituy smartphone. Now check out this phone for just 10000 Shs below.

Cubot Note S

Not long ago before the introduction of this smartphone in Kenya months ago. It’s a phone that many Kenyans have fallen in love with due to its features and the good price that comes with it. During the launch, the smartphone was regarded as a “proudly Kenyan” phone due to its African designed back-cover that was specifically developed by Kenyan designers. This top-notch phone comes with a 5.5”, 2GB/16GB, and a 2-day battery life going for only 8,888 Shs. Hurry for this because I know you are already salivating for one!

Buy High-end Budget Smartphone

Smartphone industry in Kenya is a never-ending with top Google Android phones that will take you to the ladder. The review of these top phones can make you wonder which is which. Every phone is coming with its unique feature that the other don’t have. Some will have the best hardware, others the latest Google software and some comes with the highest value. Latest cheap phones have been compared with the best mobile phones regarding the camera, display size, storage, and battery life. Now let’s look on this one phone that the millionaires own.

“Which mobile phone should I buy?” This is the absolute most basic question that comes. You ask phone analysts like us every time. We get it – it can be a test, particularly with good decisions, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and iPhone 6S Plus. Be that it may be expensive,  way over your value range and how accessible where you live, the new smartphone you ought to be getting may not be a top gear- this can turn out to be Nokia Lumia 640 or one of the less known Motorola Moto Gs.

On the other side, alternatives are something worth being thankful for, in as much as you’re well versed with learning important to settle on keen shopping choices. Be on the safe side as I lay out what you have to know not what is trending as the most expensive gadget.

Samsung Galaxy S7

Even the biggest brands know that the best place to do their phone launching is only in Kenya. The new phones always arrive on time here in Kenya. Take for example the new Samsung Galaxy S7; it arrived in few months after the international launch. Kenya smartphone industry never gets late in marketing any new phone in the market. So the new Galaxy S7 came and conquered due to its awesome features that come with it. The best part of it is the battery that is more advanced regarding the battery life increased to over 40% from its predecessors. This giant phone comes with a 6.0 Android Marshmallow, 5.1”, 32GB storage, 4GB internal, 12MP/5MP, and most importantly a 3000 mAh battery. This is a phone to dream of! By the time you reach here, you will find a Galaxy S15! LOL!


The End:

By now I know you have an excellent overview about what phone best suits you. If it’s about that buying low-end phone or that high-end mobile phone, take your time and choose the best. It’s all about choosing what is trending in Kenya smartphone industry. The moment you know you got the best phone is when you are with your friends. They will ask for it and maybe take those hot selfies as you watch. Later on, you will hear their comments. If they are good, count yourself as the best buyer. Also, watch out for cons, who manufacture something next to original, they can screw you up! Read the best and buy the best smartphones in Kenya. It’s all a matter of time that you upgrade to what comes next. Be in the frontline and take the lead!

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