LG TVs in Kenya


As the names go LG, life is always good when watching from an LG Television.  The majority of LG Televisions come with LED and OLED models. Apart from improved screen technology, the display is sharp with wide viewing angles. It is a nice feature, which I think is the selling point of LG series. With LG TVs in Kenya, the contrast is somehow weaker when you compare with OLED models. The OLED models perform well with excellent viewing ability without blurred visions. LG Company has been a big competitor in the market releasing quality screens to the society. You need to come across different models from LG manufacturer and experience the digital world. However, there various types of LG Televisions are thrilling in the market. Some of the models are:


These series come with 55, 65, 84-inch variants. The design is excellent with adding features. Regarding size, LA9700series drops bigger size that other previous models. It is also pleasing that the model has additional speakers at each side. On the other side, the rear of 55LA9700 has three HDMI 2.0 inputs. The inputs and outputs have three slots that are USB portable, an optical digital audio output, Ethernet LAN, a headphone jack and a common interface. You will also come across several adaptors, which you will connect for composite and component video. Regarding picture quality with this model, results are pleasing with 100Hz rated panel boosting FULL HD backlighting.


The series is responsive and excellent in up scaling. About screen, reflectivity is cool, and it has a wide viewing angles. 55LA9700 is an incredible series and can show Cinema 3D bringing a different experience to all users. It is a wonderful series, which you have every good reason to have in this new generation. The best thing about 55LA9700 is just the amazing sound features. It has 50W speakers creating a big difference with other televisions, which mostly offers 10W. It a nice type of model to consider for a different experience.


Of recent TVs are popping in the market with advance features. LG Curved OLED TV 65EC970T is another LG series with incredible design. The model is a thin TV with impressive thing bezels with a subtle curve. It is a new outlook, which everyone is dying to have in this modern generation. 65EC970T operates on WebOS, a responsive operating system for television you can wish to have. It is easy and straightforward to use this model without any complications. Regarding performance, 65EC970T comes with OLED, which is the best in displaying images. It gives a new experience when watching in a dark room since OLED makes black colors deeper and vivid for realistic images.

When it comes to up scaling with this series, the results are excellent doing a great job. 65EC970T also has refresh rates feature, which is great for games and ensures high speed although the feature can make some movies look fake. About speakers in-built is well done carrying sound across even in a large room without sharp sound effects. Generally, with 65EC97OT series results are impressive to all Kenyan people in Nairobi. The price of this model is worth to the incredible package of features it carries on.


This model is different from other TVs set. LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV is among the popular LG series in the market. The screen weighs only 17kgs making it easy to handle. At its thinnest size, 55EA9800 has 4.3mm although it may get thicker at the base. Sound quality is fine with five speakers that give out 40W. The screen has a subtle curve so when viewing from the front part is more pronouncing than you might expect. The design is impressive looking more premium. 55EA9800 uses LG wizard remote that you will on point on the screen even through there is the ordinary one if you do not like the magic. AND it’s available in Kilimall Kenya now.


The features of this model are amazing and incredible, and you can imagine the screen has USB camera, which you can use for gestures, video functions, and voice control. The screen display remarkable producing high-quality images without a mix of colors. This series uses LCD, which is mostly known as screen plasma and trust me it functions well a better than you might expect.


LG ULTRA HD TV 79UF770T is a new version in from LG Televisions with stunning features. This flat screen comes with a high resolution four times FULL HD with approximately 8.3 million pixels. The screen is lovely with 4K IPS, which displays sharp and accurate images for perfect viewing. IPS feature ensures true color accuracy, wide viewing angles, blur-free clarity and screen stability. Is the right feature everyone is dying to have in the house! On the other side, the model has Webos 2.0.


The design of this operating system is simple to use without any complications. 79UF77OT has 4K more upscale that boosts games, broadcast, and movies to ensure picture perfect display. When it comes to remote control, the model has a magic remote that you can wheel, voice, point and other universal control. Other features like ultrasound from this device are impressing producing high quality and balanced sound. This LG model is nice and supports smart-share, where you can share files from external devices to the large screen effectively.



This modern series is one among luxurious screen you cannot afford to miss. It gives you access to the world’s entertainment with the best viewing ability. The resolution is high coming with 3840 x 2160 pixels to ensure clear images without mixing colors. Screen size is 43 inch, large enough and comfortable when watching. LG ULTRA HD TV 43UF770T is a smart TV and regarding connectivity, it supports Wi-Fi.


Like other LG series available in the Kilimall Kenya, this model still operates on Webos an excellent OS for all modern screen. This feature makes 43UF770Tmore responsive without giving you a hard time. PMI 1400 is also available on this TV solving the issues of picture display. The best thing about 43UF77OT is you can record TV program and store them for future use. Therefore, you do not need to worry about missing your favorite program. I think the feature is more impressive to all users bringing a new experience. When it comes to the outlook of this LG model, is nice with dual metal body build-up coming slim in size.



If you have been looking for the best screen to color your world, you can consider LG ULTRA HD TV 65UFF77OT. This TV has high specs bringing a new taste to all users. The screen rocks in the market with 65inches display with high resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. It is the type of resolution, which will make you comfortable when watching. Regarding control, there is magic remote that is modern and decent with what you might expect is not possible.


You can gesture, point, command and do other tactics to control the large screen. 200Hz Field Refresh rate is also available in 65UF770T making it responsive even when playing heavy games. This screen is nice, and you should make a point of having it to make your moments enjoyable. When you consider the price of 65UF77OT and the features included, the screen is worth. You can now enjoy the 4K screen in a slimmer size with stunning picture display.



You might be wondering about the high-quality display from LG TVs, but the secret with the Manufacture is IPS panel it, users, to make these screens. LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF850T is one of the LG series with pleasing picture display, which is amazingly clear and consisted. The screen has classic and straightforward features that are simple to understand.


The modern operating system Webos that was introduced last year is also available making the screen more modern and responsive. There are different included accessories that come with 65UF850T. These includes; power cable, four 3D glasses, Remote control and instruction manual. Regarding performance, this model comes with 200Hz Field Refresh Rate and a Quad Core Processor so you have a guarantee that everything will be under control. The other best feature of this model is the 6-step up scaling, which is excellent giving the right definition of a smart TV with the screen. 65UF85OT is the best LG series purchase for your comfort.



UB850T is one of the LG value option of 4K LG LED TV in the current market. This TV makes every single feature necessary making it popular among different users. The Webos smart Television Interface, IPS Panel, 3D performance are all available on this screen. When it comes to up scaling the Tru- Ultra Engine plays a big role. On the other side, this model comes with 9 picture modes giving out sharp display. The design of UB850T is somehow wide resembling the past models but still looking premium. The Cinema screen of this model has very thin black bezels and structures like super slim profile.


UB850T is a nice screen from LG with attractive features. The screen has three inputs and 20 watts 2 channel speaker system. Generally, UB85OT is one of the best LG TVs regarding the performance and the features. It is the type of screen to add excitement to your family by giving the best world entertainment.


OLED Cinema 3D TVs is another series from LG with trilling features to the society. This series is modern and decent giving you every good reason to have it. The price is friendly and worth to the features included. One of the best thing about the model is display ability, which is perfect and accurate without giving out blurred visions. It is amazing that with this model you will experience perfect blacks and stunning contrasts. This feature is notable when watching movies in a dark room.


It will make them appear deeper in color an experience, which is not common to other common screens on the market. When you look at Operating System of this series, is the best and modern WebOS. You will have comfortable moments when watching from this model without getting some delays. On the side of remote control, things are pleasing, and you can control your screen in magic ways that you cannot imagine. Think about gesturing, commanding your screen and other universal controls. With the series, you might also experience some niggles since at the extreme edges of the main screen dimming sometimes occurs. Nevertheless, the series is nice, and you can give it the priority in your house.

LG Future of TV OLED65E6T

With LG FUTURE OF TV OLED65E6T model, you will get all you need from a smart TV. The OLED feature in this model delivers deeper black colors and brighter than before by making the more lifelike. When watching, you will experience the best. OLED65E6T comes with a 4K resolution that is surprising offering 8.3 million pixels, which are better 4 times than FULL HD. It is a smart TV possible to stream all your online content comfortably on the large screen. About sound, you will get enough for your living room without adding other external speakers. It is a lovely sound system designed by the Harman, the audio maven in the market.


When it comes to contrast, is infinite and you will have high viewing ability due to the presence of pixels technology in this series! It is a 3D TV, and you will have an easy time when playing heavy games on the large screen. The model is excellent with ultra-thin design making it light and manageable. OLED65E6T is the best release from LG. It is the kind of screen, which will not only add excitement to your house but also give the best from the world entertainment.


LG designs impressive products to enhance your life. OLED TVs is one of the rocking version in the world bringing a true game changer in all TVs innovations. If you have been looking for the best screen, one of the LG series will give color your world, don’t hesitate to check out more information on Kilimall Kenya!