LG Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 65EC970T


If you would like bridge your dreams with reality and make yourself walk in new style of technology, you can think of the LG Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 65EC970T. It will flavor you living room with prodigious elegance and you will invariably enjoy your every moment watching your favorite videos. It is a LG television set packaged with grand features that you would not get in ordinary CRT models. With this one you will enjoy quality of display and large ostentatious view of its large curved screen.

The LG Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 65EC970T is sophisticated with modern technology and extensive display enhancements. The OLED is most modern technology of designing TVs. This is the technology that will make you enjoy ultra-high definition of images. It makes them appear so real more than you may have witnessed from any other TVs in the Kenyan market. Even the LEDs and LCDs cannot contend with OLED in terms of the quality of display.  It has high resolution and progressive self-lighting pixels. This allows the TV set to have an infinite contrast and perfect black image view. It supports the HDR with quality sound and vision.

Key features

  • Inspired by Intelligent signal booster
  • Noise reduction ability
  • 3D color mapping
  • Ultra clarity
  • Twin HD tuner
  • Magic zoom
  • Smart energy saving
  • Smart TV features
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Wi-Fi direct
  • 65 Inch wide.
  • Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range


The LG Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 65EC970T has a quiet big screen that will give you the illusion of seeing the reality of things. With 65 inches, you will locate every detail from the screen with your eyes and without having to struggle. The screen is dazzling with expanded color palette, wide dimming range and ultra-high definition.

You can enjoy wide viewing angles in this TV set. It is curved and has also high definition display style that makes you see the images from all angles as clear as though you were just looking at it directly from Kilimall Kenya. This is a wonderful display especially in cinemas where all people will enjoy the equality of view.

The screen is curved which provides more immersive viewing experience. You can even view the TV within a very close range and you will still enjoy the best quality display. You will particularly resolve finest details of the images and enjoy a wider field of view.



The most unique thing with the LG Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 65EC970T is infinite contrast. It has unique lightening OLED pixels that have wide range dim to the extent that they can even go off, giving you a chance to experience the ultimate contrast with perfect black view.

Like any other OLED TV models, you will enjoy a 4k resolution.  The 4K resolution is a creative technology that carries 8.3 OLED pixels which will all work independently to deliver spot-on black and cinematic color. This will make you enjoy extremely beautiful ultra HD images.

This TV set which is inspired by cinematic colors, displays a color palette that matches variety of hues. You will enjoy cinema experience at home due to its rich color which are at its disposal. You will love the extraordinary images which will appear on the screen as real.



The LG Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 65EC970T has outstanding clarity of the sound and a reasonably higher bass that other types. You will always enjoy high quality sound with an elevated volume that will not require any reinforcement of external sound systems. But it has a provision in case you want to use them.

It has immersive sound experience with excellent smooth tone. It has a perfect balance between the bass, midrange and tremble which prevents the sound from reverberation or from becoming blurry. Kenyan people will still enjoy it without having to use an external sound system.

The TV set will further give you Frequency distinction. You can be able to tell the sound of different musical instruments. For instance when you hear the sound of a guitar, you will easily recognize it among other instruments like the piano or violin. The sound is stunningly clear and enjoyable.



You have a chance to boost the beauty of the appearance of your TV set by applying a set up with word- class status.  You can make it dominate the entire front slot of your living room by designing a shelf that can accommodate its enormous size. You may also utilize a cupboard that is spacious enough or even fix it directly to the front wall. You can consider using a contrasting wall paper to make it more stylish and beautiful. When viewed from any angle at such a position, no one will view ideal images. You may also decide to add some dramatic look by involving lights in the background. You may use a standalone TV panel and decorate the wall around with mirrors and a shelf.

Other features

The LG Curved OLED TV in 4K Ultra HD Resolution 65EC970T will give you a chance to enjoy images with dynamic contrast. It will also be advantageous to you because of its reputation to generate environmental pollution on disposal. Unlike other types of TVs, this one supports the ability to zoom letters and has channel advisory.


What can be more exiting that giving yourself to theatre experience right in your home? You will push your entertainment to the highest level. This is a TV that has been designed it purely transform your experience of watching as you will enjoy advanced and intricate styles. The quality of the images is high and are additionally enriched with high contrast support. Do not miss your opportunity of enjoying this piece of impressive technology. Make your purchase today at Kilimall Kenya and enjoy plenty of other services like delivery and discounted price. This TV set will entirely cement your entertainment experience.


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