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Welcome to the new 2016 OLED65E6T TV model HDR.  The absolutely smart 3D LG TVs of the future of Kenyan people. LG Future of TV OLED65E6T television offers unique new experience on your screen bringing about a whole new encounter of fun and ultimate feeling of self-actualization right in your living room. Experience the Kenyan life like images and videos giving a real life experience of the 65 inch (164cm) wide screen.

The TV OLED65E6T brings life to your living room as it illuminates it with coolness beyond measure perfect resolution. This high resolution HDR gadget of desire will break the monotony of the flickering common with the LED and LCD TV sets. Experience the unicity of this device will catch your attention and you shall miss no action on your big screen. This machine comes with 3D view allowing viewers to enjoy view from any given angle of the living room guest house or even in retreat places.

Who does not want a unique piece of pure pride that adds value and comfort to your living room making it one of a kind? The TV is recommended by Netflix the OLED TV makes it a perfect choice for this digital generation with great advancement in internet television network from the Kilimall Kenya site.

Key features

  • Display type OLED TV
  • Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range
  • Resolution 3280 x 2160 pixels.
  • Connectivity: USB, Wi-Fi, HDMI, Wi-Fi direct
  • Screen size 65 Inches.
  • Built in magic remote
  • Magic zoom
  • Picture-on-glass
  • Perfect color mix
  • Sound bar stand.
  • 3D color mapping.
  • Smart TV features
  • 4k UHD
  • Smart energy saving
  • Netflix recommended smart TV


Feature 4.0 Netflix

The TV OLED65E6T is a flat screen smart TV that allows you to experience an absolute HD   view giving a complex impression in your living room and an experience like no other. The 3D view of the screen allows you to experience perfectly the images across from all perspectives of your living room.

This flicker free 3D screen gives ultimate experience perfect color blend. It also allows you to choose the display type varying from the OLED, LED and LCD TV. The screen also offers smart mobile connection enabling users with compatible smart phones to connect the LG Smart TV using the LG TV plus App that enable accessibility of mobile apps using the smart TV screen.

The HDR TV will enable viewers to explore display of awesome color and contrast range thus more vivid and accurate images pop into your big screen bringing an experience like never before. This will allow you to view an almost real lifelike image quality

The ultra slim multi colored HDR screen brings a complexion bringing a whole new satisfying view of this big screen. The Dolby vision offers perfect images bright and in their real life appearance and complexion.

Color 150

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The TV OLED65E6T comes predominantly in perfect black color making it shiny attractive and desirable an envy to many. It allows 3D color mapping.  It has pixels which can be easily individually controlled definitely achieving a perfectly black infinite contrast. It allows view of bright images with perfect contrast and deep black for dark images. This comes with 10 selectable picture modes giving the viewer a variety of colors of choice to pick on. OLED technology and the 4K Ultra High Definition gives the pictures a crisp appearance.

Sound 150

The Dolby audio brings about clear sound due to its advanced technology effective in formatting audio and processing signals, bringing about perfect experience and maximum enjoyment of this great invention of the 21st century. It allows voice command prompt a smart application that uses voice recognition this model comes with 6 selectable sound modes two speakers with 40 watts audio output. TV OLED65E6T also allows active noise reduction making it perfect for clarity and reduced reduction to risk of ear damage and noise disturbance. The perfect sound mix brings to life the music and sound bringing the cinematic impression of a theatre or real band experience. The TV OLED65E6T also comes with sound optimizer for further blending into perfection the congruence of the twin speakers that comes with this great postmodern invention of this smart era.


The black color of this massive screen perfect for your living room is easily compatible and matches with a variety of décor in the room matching different colors, setups and even designs.  The 3D view of this executive set allows for variety point of view giving vantage sight to all viewers regardless of the angle of alignment to the screen.

The large size, quality and clarity of the images of this envious executive gadget allows for perfect view even from long distances thus making it convenient for game lovers and football fans easy for view by larger group of individuals. An experience incomparable with no other.

The TV OLED65E6T matches perfectly with your choice positioning due to its slim feature. Thus economizing on space and ultimately safety of your gadget as it makes it easy to place and even lock in a relatively low volume safe or TV cabinet.


This gadget offer smart energy saving making it effective even in low power areas such as where only solar power is available and save on electricity. Channel advisor enables display of programs that are frequently watched thus you may easily get reminder of your favorite channels and programs.


Large-940x620 (2)

This smart TV with magic services such as Magic zoom, Magic mobile connection and Upgraded magic remote in addition to the conspicuous appeal due to the perfect high quality HDR images. It gives brighter images and better sound using the Dolby vision and Dolby audio which combine to bring forth an enhanced breathtaking masterpiece of entertainment bringing life to your Livingroom

Who this would not want to access and own this 21st century smart device capable of personalization to your preference, a device able to save on energy and maximize on your need for satisfaction in the comfort of your living room. Delivered on request, available within a hand’s reach at Kilimall Kenya online shop.

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