LG Electronics 55EA9800 Cinema 3D

We are living in a new era where everyone needs to have super world entertainment. While choosing the right flat screen to color your world, you need to have the best from the market. LG is one of the major competitor releasing high-quality televisions in Kenya. Well, if you come across LG 55EA9800 you will bear me witness that the design and performance are excellent to the core. This flat screen is modern and new with impressive features. Let us look at the review of 55EA9800 and see what is special in this LG smart TV:

OLED Concave Curved Screen

55EA9800 is another model from LG with modern and digitized features to color your world. This model comes with 55-inch screen size to give you comfort when watching. It is one among the best LG TV to have in this digital world. The display resolution is 1080p, which is high for large screens but 55EA9800 is OLED TV so you will have the best viewing ability.

The surprising thing about EA9800 uses the WRGB system, excellent system where white OLEDs and used together with green, red and blue sub-pixels for image production. Color production of this series is not much vibrant but is brighter and accurate when viewing without blurred visions. LG EA9800 comes with concave curved screen, and I think the reason behind, is to generate high-quality images for a different experience to the users. The screen is nice when watching hence bringing the whole world into your hands.

Picture Quality Ratings 9.6/10

The best thing about OLED TVs is a series that produces high-quality images. It is a new technology improvised to boost viewing ability, and if you have come across EA9800, you can bear me witness that is the right screen to purchase. With EA9800, there is no backlight as it is common in most of common TVs in the market. The OLEDs in this model produces its light, and this means black levels are impressive when watching. Pictures in EA9800 are not affected by viewing angle or any other brightness they usually appear clear.

The series is nice and regarding picture quality, you have every good to purchase. The other thrilling feature is the 120Hz refresh rate, which performs a good job when it comes to smoothing out any fast motion. As you know, it is always a challenge to many screens to display clear in fast motions. On the other hand, EA9800 has color refiner on the OLED making tonal enhancement in image production. The results are pleasant and impressive when watching from this series.

Infinite Contrast Ratio

OLED offers infinite contrast ratio meaning that there is an optimal contrast to the screen no matter the viewing angle or brightness level. OLED is a nice feature that I think is playing a big role in screen production. You might be wondering what’s unique with infinite contrast ratio in this concave curved screens. Well, contrast ratio is the ability to realize measurements of the whites and blacks on the display.

3D Viewing


With an LG 55 inch smart TV you will experience the best 3D viewing. LG has made this model irresistible by including LG’s Cinema 3D technology, which is the best feature in the market. Apart from the high quality picture, you will have real life viewing experience.

Best feature {Smart TV}

Of recent, LG is rocking the world with the best screens including EA9800, which is a Smart TV adding a lot of functionality. With this screen, expect modern features that are surprising and amazing to fit in this era. LG EA9800 has a dashboard with standard and premium app including a full wed browser. Magic remote control is another feature in this screen. It brings a different experience to all users with services like implementing a point and clicks operations. The version of this wizard screen has four various modes and built-in mic.  It is a lovely Smart TV to color your world.

Appearance and Design


I think the appearance of EA9800 is among the best in the market. The screen has an impressive design giving out a premium outlook. If you have been dreaming of the world class Concave Curved Screen, EA9800 is the best to consider. The appearance is excellent with avaunt garde slight curvature. The depth is also amazing with 17 inches making it the thinnest screen you can wish to have. About connection, EA9800 comes with a stand that connects to the screen with a cable.


It is straightforward to connect for all users, and you do not need a technician for your device. When it comes to the weight of this screen, it is light and with only 38 pounds making the screen manageable. Well, I think the carbon fiber plastics contribute the lightweight; reinforced in the buildup of this LG model. On the large screen, there are attractive bezels appearing unique and modern to die for. Generally, EA9800 design comes with a lot of creativity making it one of the popular LG series in the whole world.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound production with LG, you have a guarantee of pleasing results. LG has been termed as the best producer of sound quality in its products. Like example, EA9800 has quality speakers with balanced sound to ensure enough sound in your leaving room. The sound is cool avoiding sharp effects to your ears.




  • 17 inches depth
  • Lightweight 38 pounds
  • WRGB color
  • THX certified
  • 3D compatible
  • Smart TV functions included


LG EA9800 is among the LG TVs on sale with a lot of interest from different people. The appearance of this screen is attractive to bring a new taste to all users. EA9800 is concave curved in nature and an excellent modern feature in the TV industry. The performance is also nice with WebOS the recent operating system for all modern screens. The model will not only bring excitement to your family but also keep you in the update with the whole world. The price is worth its value, and you can trust my word if you bring this model to your house.


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