Experience the new 55 inch LED LD TV. Now the big game is even bigger. Start exploiting new technology with a style. The LG Ultra Clarity Ultra Reality 55LA9700 is a product of creative technology that is dedicated to give you a TV experience like never before. You will enjoy a new way of viewing you videos with great clarity.  Even when viewed at a close range, its ultra-high definition display will give you clear images free from flickering. It offers you vast resolution that makes the pictures look real and the colors to appear as natural as possible.

The LG Ultra Clarity Ultra Reality 55LA9700 is packaged with advanced technology of 3D display that allows you to color your living room with grand ostentatious looks. You will enjoy any video or watch your favorite teams as though you were in the field. This TV offers you pool of wonderful advantages that are beneficial even to your health of the eyes. It will offer you acuity of visual and sound realms making you enjoy it fully. This is piece of popular technology that is destined to raise your standards and give you a beautiful encounter in the world of entertainment.

Key features

  • It has a staggering 3840 x 2160 Ultra HD resolution
  • It offers you NANO full array LED backlit
  • It has Dynamic MCI 1000  with utmost 200HZ refresh rate
  • It is packaged with twin HD tuner
  • Cinema 3D
  • It has a Dual play
  • It is designed with Ultra clarity smart 3D
  • It has a length of 55 inch wide.
  • It is inspired by RGB LED array
  • It has sharp spectral speaks.
  • It has LCD panel filters.



The screen is extremely slim and offer wide color which assures you sophisticated 3D display. You will enjoy the view from every angle of your room yet the images will remain as clear and upright as though you were viewing the TV perpendicularly. It will give you clear view from different positions.

This TV allow wider dimming range and this will allow you to adjust the brightness according to your suitability. This is a feature that largely saves you from damaging your eyes through excessive brightness. The TV has relatively low glare that enhances its view and offer better quality of image.

Even a big screen like this, its display uses a new drive system to stabilize the pictures through the panel by scanning several pixels simultaneously in the vertical direction. This give a stable picture without flickering. You will enjoy its static image view with entirely no flicking.




The LG Ultra Clarity Ultra Reality 55LA9700 has wide color with NANO full array LED backlit. It uses RGB (red, blue, green) LED arrays that produces extensive color scope. This ensures you to see the reality of the image in terms of its color making it so real and attractive.

It also have Great detail of clarity. It uses a special diffusion panel that distributes the light evenly on the entire screen allowing you to see the finest detail of the image. The images are extra ordinarily clear and you can enjoy even the highest video qualities with flawless precision.

It has a flattering accurate color with good detail and contrast. It has the ability to distinguish many colors and giving the exact reality of the image. It has sharp spectral peaks and LCD panel filters which will guarantee you very accurate colors of different objects making them appear as real as possible.



The LG Ultra Clarity Ultra Reality 55LA9700 is seasoned with variety of superior quality bass. This makes the sound to be as clear as possible and with no reverberations. It is exciting even for watching movies without having to add an external sound system

It has a smooth tone that can be said to be ear friendly. It is a high performance sound system that that integrates finest details of the sound. It sound can be labeled as effective tonal balance, which is a critical aspect in musical presentation that balances the bass, midrange and the tremble in a wonderful way.

If you explore the details of the sound realms, you will also discover that the LG Ultra Clarity Ultra Reality 55LA9700 has frequency disambiguation ability. You can easily tell the sound of different objects like a guitar or base. It can further distinguish the pitches giving you a high profile sound clarity.



If you want to give this a unique positioning so as even to serve you better and in a more prestigious way, you can try various design that have been prescribed by different professionals. The first of those designs could be using your TV set with a contras wall paper like white. You can spare a white panel in your living room to accommodate your TV set. You may also acquire a storage unit like a spacious cupboard or a shelf hung on the wall. You can use ornate chandeliers to light up the space occupied by the TV.

Others Features

The LG Ultra Clarity Ultra Reality 55LA9700 Lower power consumption. This is among the best flat screen TVs that will largely save your power. It has got relatively longer lifespan compared to CRT designs. It is not easily damaged by water or excessive power. It can therefore serve your for a lengthy period of time.


Enough said, this is your chance to transform your home by joining elites worldwide in describing your profile using the LG Ultra Clarity Ultra Reality 55LA9700. It is lavished with extra ordinary attraction of both feature and technology.  You can find all what you would expect TV from this set.

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