LG 43UF77OT is a thrilling large screen new in the market and gives you access to the world of entertainment. It is among the LG TVs on sale, with high demand from different people due to the design and present features. The screen comes with modern technology regarding its accessories to color your world. When watching from this screen, you will be comfortable enough due to the 43-inch large screen, which has a pleasant display. On the other side, the screen is lightweight and manageable to all users. You need to have this LG model for enjoyable moments if you are located in Kenya, especially in Nairobi.


  • WebOS
  • SmartShare
  • Magic Remote


  • You might experience blur-visions at the edges of the screen.



If you think curved screens are the best, I think you have not come across UF77OT LG series. This model is attractive with a lot of creativity as far as design is concerned. LG UF770T shows its figure well drawing the attention of many audiences than other ordinary screen in the market. The screen comes with ultra slim technology that will make you enjoy the large screen in slimmer size. In this generation we are living, gadgets like Televisions are quite expensive, so when choosing you should consider the best. What I like from this flat version unlike other models is the super slim version that draws attention from far.

The screen appears unique and lovely to add to your room. Every time you look at this screen, the attractive ultra-bezels make you fall in love with the outlook adding sense of the slimness. When it comes to the stand accompanied by this screen, the pair is impressive. The stand may not look more important to many people, but it hold the screen strategically. In overall, the outlook of LG UF77OT series is great and unique posing a challenge to the rivals. LG is among the best competitors in this industry popping in the Kenyan market with high quality products.


It is a new feeling with LG UF77OT series, which comes with advanced features. The screen operates well on the latest Television WebOS2.0 version. The version is fast and responsive for a different experience to all users. It is a feature designed with simple and quick access to different contents. With this operating system, you can browse and shares files to other external devices. WebOS is the version everyone is dying to have on every flat screen. The other uniqueness of the model is magic remote that has exciting features.

The remote is modern with universal uses. The design amazing with wheel like structure like a computer mouse. It may appear new but with time you will be used make every single screen control in a bling of an eye. In terms of performance, UF770T is quick coming with a Quad core processor. It ensures fast loading of apps and responsive while multitasking such as when recording programs and doing other activities on the large screen.



On the side of features, LG UF770T has a couple of exciting features to color your world. Whatever you have ever thought about flat screens is available in this model. It is an LG HD TV with 4 K Ultra HD, a lovely feature making the screen to have high-resolution power.  This resolution has 8.3 million pixels standing in a position to be four times better than a FULL HD.

Picture display with such pixels is sharp and accurate offering wide viewing angles. You can watch comfortable without blurred visions or images appearing darker at the edges of the main screen. Nevertheless, UF77OT rocks the world with 4 K Upscaler. The feature facilitates broadcast details, movies and games into a high quality giving out perfection in picture display. The model has 60P HEVC an excellent feature for video compression, which is not common to in this industry. It is amazing HEVC has an ability to support 4K video with 60 frames per second, which I think is the best you can get in this new generation for clear and blur-free motions.

With UF77OT is possible you enjoy 4K high quality content through connecting to internet or USB cables without need of extra sources. The other best thing about UF77OT, it is a timing machine. You do not need to stress yourself for missing a favorite program. This series is modern and you can record, rewind, pause and even store for future use. For sure, it is a new experience to the society to have this lovely series in the market. Smart share is also the other next of keen ability to consider in UF77OT. It ensures you can browse and share different files from other external sources to the large screen wirelessly without cable connection. LG is making life easy and simple to users since you can watch TV on other device when you have LG TV smart share.


LG UF770T is the model that will color your world with a new experience. While watching from this flat screen you will have true color accuracy. Where by, 4K IPS panel in this LG model offers identical color impression without mix of colors to maintain the original image. UF770T gives out wide viewing angles, to make sure there is consisted color and contrast from all viewing angles including the other competing panels.

It means you will be comfortable from every corner when watching from this modern screen. The other pleasing thing this LG series is blur-free clarity. The 4K IPS panel is more superior and functional to other conventional panels to avoid image clarity in fast motions. You can watch your favorite movie and games without experiencing blurred visions. If you read few reviews on LG TVs, you will bear me witness that the manufacturer is keener to give out the best product to the society.




UF770T is one of the best LG Televisions to fit in this new generation of Kenyan people. Apart from the pitch, you may feel to purchase this flat screen; you will have the whole world in your room. The screen will offer all you need from world-class flat screens. The features are amazing together with accessories accompanied with this model.

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