Welcome to the ultimate new experience of LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T, a brand new next generation 21st century breakthrough in the television entertainment world, this set easily compatible with Netflix lakes streamlining media a lot easy and gives you absolute experience in cable TV. Those LG TVs are simple to control smart tool that easily can be conditioned to your specification through the setup of favorite channels and programs making it easy to follow on your favorite TV programs and channels. The LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T is a smart TV set whose prestige and quality, classy matches no other making it a TV to envy.

Giving the viewer absolute view with perfect sound from 2 subwoofers and perfect JAZZ application making it easier to access and use. The TV has 3D UHD view that allow no discrepancy in the viewers experience regardless of the angle of view of the screen of this executive device. This TV is designed to fit all audiences as it is easily customizable to fit your preference inclusive of its smart connectivity to other devices easily. You just need to get it for a complete reshuffle of your joy in a style.

Key features


  • 4K Resolution
  • Ultra slim
  • Ultra- surround
  • IPS 4K
  • WEBOS 2.0
  • Magic remote
  • Ultra-Luminance
  • Quad core processor
  • Display resolution 3840×2160 pixels

Ultimate Cinema Screen

LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T comes with a curved and flat screen TV option. This gives you the chance for choice of your taste of this 65inch magic cinema screen. It also allows great resolution greater four times than that of HD. This allows you to watch as you enjoy your favorite TV shows, favorite programs and movies with great clarity. The clarity of this TV in OLED, 4K ULTRA UHD gives absolute display that allows you to experience exclusively clear images and almost real life colors.

The 3D technology ability of this screen allows viewers to see clear images from almost every angle without missing on any glimpse of the enjoyment of this massive TV set. It absolutely brings pride joy and life to your living room giving it a taste like no other.  A complete comfort and total break from hustles of the outside world.


Color Accuracy

The LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T gives you a true color accuracy and allows a wide view angle. The screen comes in rich black complexion which blends exclusively with the lighting in your room as it reflects the shiny black appearance that brings a natural feeling.  The incredible HD resolution is able to allow magic zoom which enable the viewer to easily enjoy a wide blend of high quality images and pictures separate in no way to the real-life experience. The clarity of the images makes it one of a kind. Enjoy the unlimited flow of beauty before your eyes illuminating your living room with breathtaking beauty. Enjoy the true wildlife of Africa at a click of a button as you view these glamorous creatures in fulfilling way in the comfort of your room.

Ultra-Clear Sound


What is TV without purely ultra clear and sharp sound? LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T gives you ultra surround sound, giving a superb output on sound leaving you engulfed in the informative flow of clear audio which flows in congruence with the perfect images on your screen.. The sound carries you to a whole new experience as it blends with the perfect images allowing you to move from the real new experience.  The LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T has JAZZ LED which is engineered by 2 channel speaker system and has twin subwoofer. The visual surround sound gives great pleasure. This TV easily allows voice command as it gets accustomed to your voice and preference making it all easy for you.


Ultra Slim Design

LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T is easily compatible to your living room setup considering its ultra slim feature that greatly economizes on space, saves on space and reduce risk of accidents. The 3D ability of this massive UHD TV enables you to place and view your TV from any dimension. The flat and curved screen options gives in to your taste and preference of this rare great TV set. The metal shade makes its stylish and enviable by many. This make blends smoothly with the décor in your room giving it an enhanced appearance that matches no other.  Give your room life, a new glamour a new look that will complete the order and do away with the misery of boredom and old LCD technology.



For ultimate convenience LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T is inclusive of the time machine a feature that will allow you to record your favorite TV shows and movies. This is possible as it allows prior programming for later recording. The smart application in this LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T uses the smart shake a feature that allows you to instantly share videos between your smart phone and the TV. This enables you to share your videos with family or friends within no extra struggle. The magic remote which comes with it can easily control wireless speakers Blu-ray player. It also serves multiple purpose as it allows for use for different services thus no need for different remotes.



Who does not want a whole new experience in their living room? A chance to break from the monopoly of LCD and LED TV sets which have great limit due to constant flickering giving poor quality images and unclear sound. This space saving TV will absolutely bring the cinema experience to your room. The smart tools and applications gives ultimate. This TV allows for internet connection as it supports the Netflix cable TV among other features. Get your LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF770T today and all you shall need will be to relax on your coach and watch the world unravel its beauty before your own eyes. Get this smart TV at Kilimall online shop at a click of your button and enjoy the unlimited fun with your family and friends!

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