This LG TV set in the Kenya market should be the answer to your lengthy interests of having a unique thing in your living room. It will give you a prestigious way of life by showing you the reality of the world in model inspired by one of the words most sophisticated technology. When you hear or come across the LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF850T, you will be introduced to high quality image display, fully ultra-high definition and spectacular large. The 65 inch screen is a wonderful length to give you the reality of object making you to enjoy all your videos in a fashionable style. The big games that you would never dream of missing will become even bigger on this screen.

It has high resolution which offers unique picture stability and clarity. The coloring too come with a deep style of quality making the images as natural as possible. You will also enjoy the modern 3D display that further boost the quality of the images that are very clear and without even flickering. This TV encompasses many advanced and modified features making it supremely prestigious with display quality that surpasses all other plasma and LCD TVs without a hitch.

Key features

  • Internal memory
  • 4k ultra HD
  • Resolution: 3840×260
  • Quad core processor
  • Refresh rate: 200Hz
  • Digital audio out.
  • Multiple USB (2.0) and HDMI
  • Headphone support
  • Recording of channels
  • E-manual simplink
  • App download
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Wireless headphone support
  • DLN launcher
  • Network file browser
  • Motion Eco sensor
  • Intelligent sensor
  • Original full wide
  • Cinema zoom
  • Active noise reduction
  • Ultra-luminance
  • Dynamic clear wide
  • Voice recognition
  • Phone remote control.

3D Screen

The screen is richly enhanced with modern technology. Its performance is unique and you will prove that from its absolutely thrilling 3D display that gives you the exactness of the images. This feature also allows you to be able to see the images upright and natural even from different angles of the room.

The screen is also comfortably wide. The 65 inch length will make you view the pictures in a magnified style hence resolving the finest details of the objects. Even the things that your bare eyes cannot be able to decode, the screen will give you the true details of how they are.

Despite being this large, the screen is also modifies by powerful drive systems that stabilizes the pictures through the panel by scanning multiple pixels simultaneously giving static images without flickering. The screen can perming very close view and the images will still appear as clear as possible.

Amazing Strong Color


The LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF850T has a very wide color full array backlit. It is inspired by the advanced RGB that allows billions of color scope. You will therefore enjoy state of the art precision on the reality of the images which will appear as natural and realistic as possible.

The TV set has got also strong contrast span that will make you view the pictures with different shadow effects. It is possible to darken them with an infinite scale line, achieving the highest contrast and still maintaining the best quality of the images.

The diffusion panel on the screen distributes light and colors evenly making the images to further look real and exciting to watch. There also sharp spectral peaks that ensures the accuracy of the coloring. You will definitely be assured the best coloring precision that you are not likely to experience in any other set.

Smooth Sound

The LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF850T will further give you a chance to enjoy an excellent sound system. If you wish to use it without an external sound system, you will still enjoy reasonable amount of bass and unique clarity of the sound. The volume scale is also quiet lengthy making it much clear even at a distance.

Using an external sound system will also be superb. There is detectable frequency and pitch differentiation of various musical instruments. You will not struggle to tell which instruments is being played because it is relatively easy to do so. There is minimal reverberation and less noise.

There is also a smooth tone that is ear friendly. All the details of the sound can be perceived in a friendly way and there is also a wonderful balance between the bass, midrange and tremble. When listened using an external sound system, it will give you a theatre experience right at your home.

Compatible Design


There is definitely an orientation that you can pick to add some more flavor to tour TV set. You will always consider the front slot of your living room as the appropriate location for you TV. Positioning it at the middle will serve the entire corners of the room with equal picture clarity and sound. You can either use a stand to support it or get a TV cabinet that can accommodate its length. You can always furnish the surroundings with richly colored and contrasting wallpaper, flowers or souvenirs among other elements. You can also border it with a book shelf or cupboard.

Other features

The LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF850T will give you a wonderful advantage alongside giving you wonderful features. It largely saves power compare to any CRT designs, yet it is clearer and offers quality display of the images. It is also renowned for quality parts making the durability of the TV very high.


With all those wonderful features, you will be sure that the LG ULTRA HD TV 65UF850T will really give you a completely new experience in your home and you will no longer have to walk out of your room to watch football or a movie. You can make your home a cesspool of entertainment with theatre experience. You can always enjoy movies and other videos of your choice plus great technology that allows you to utilize various other gadgets in your house like the phone. You will enjoy wide connectivity making you to fully cement your reputation as a person who is a person who is well informed with what modern technology is all about.

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