UF770T is a new model from LG coming with exciting features. It is a flat screen with modern design, and if you come across the model, you will bear me witness that LG is trying to bring a new experience to the users. UF770T is an LG smart TV with all modern setting to bring the world entertainment in your house. The price is worth to the value of this screen, and it is the right time to color your world. The following is a review of LG Ultra HD 79UF770T:



  • Resolution- 3840 x 2160
  • Size- 79-inch
  • Backlight light- LED
  • Field Refresh Rate- 200Hz
  • Motion Clarity Index [MCI] – 800

4K Ultra HD

Apart from the 79-inch large screen, UF77OT has 4K resolution, which is the best to have a digital TV. This resolution is high ranging four times better than FULL HD. Viewing ability is super with 8.3million pixels setting a new record in the market. Nevertheless, UF7707OT is accompanied with Ultra IPS Panel that delivers excellent and incredible accurate color and contrast at any angle. It the type of screen, which will make every seat in your house enjoyable and the best when watching. With IPS, you will get true color accuracy meaning that it offers pleasing and identical color impression to that of the original image. The feature gives out wide viewing angles to ensure consisted and contrast color from various competing panels. You need to have a try with this flat screen and taste the new feeling from LG.

It is also amazing; you will have blur-free clarity when watching from UF770T. The IPS Panel is superior to other different conventional panels to ensure picture clarity even when in fast motion. For sure, you need from a modern flat screen is available in this LG model.  The screen is stable due to its structure and IPS recover faster when you compare with other common models in the market. Well, to taste the screen stability you can make a poke or knock the screen to confirm the IPS Panel for yourself.

Picture Quality


The important thing to consider with picture quality is the clarity, color, and contrast. When the three properties are okay, it is a surety your screen will deliver the best. You will have excellent viewing without blurred visions. UF77OT is made up of new technology coming with advanced features for excellent viewing ability.  The screen has digital image processor that ensures picture appear original and consisted without exaggeration. Advanced LED Panel technology and BLU technology is also available in this new model. These features are impressive making LG a major competitor in the market. You do not need to stress yourself with the best TV model to color your moments because UF77OT has all you need from a smart TV. When watching movie black colors get deeper making it livelier than you might expect.

Features of LG ULTRA HD TV 79UF770T

Smart TV


LG realizes various excellent TV models in the market with all modern features. UF77OT is one of LG New TV with exciting features to bring a new taste to all users. With this model, there is smart share feature where you can browse content and share the files from external devices to the LG large screen, and watch comfortably. It is incredible feature new in the market with many interests from different people. The screen comes with magic remote that is unique to perform what you think is not possible. The remote can gives out universal control to ensure you can access and control a set-top box, speakers, and even satellite TV.

By pointing and clicking the smart remote, you will be able to control the screen. The magic remote also offers amazing features like wheeling and voice commanding. Well. You need to scripture up and down, zoom in and out with the wheel, and everything will be under control. Sometimes you may think it is a mouse if you are used to computers. On the side of voice, it is possible to command the screen, and it will find out what you are saying.  UF77OT has Intel’s WIDI, which is a wireless display technology that supports the connection of laptops PC and LG TVs without the need of cables. The experience with this model is exciting and trust me UF77OT is the screen to bring a delight to your house. The other thrilling feature that I cannot go without mentioning is the Live Menu. You can keep your entertainment on while still watching live TV even recorded programs and other various contents.

Appearance and Design

Most of LG Television sets gives out a nice outlook making them attractive to many people.  The design and appearance of UF77OT are pleasant coming with ultra slim structure. With this model, you can enjoy with a larger screen in slimmer size making it manageable.  UF77OT has the dual metal body build up but with, modern design appearing more premium. At the bottom and top side of this screen is a metallic frame. The screen also comes with an attractive stand that can support the lightweight of this model.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, UF77OT is one of the best models in this sector. It is the type of screen, which will make your room more comfortable with balanced sound. The speakers of UF77OT are of high quality lasting for a long time. UF77OT speakers are on the stand and have a pleasant transparent face. It is a strategic location, which enables sound to move softly. I think LG Giant is the big fish in the market as far as sound quality is concerned. Not only UF77OT is equipped with high-quality sound effects but also other LG series.


Generally, LG UF770T is a nice flat screen with modern features to fit in this new generation. The design and appearance are excellent to all users. Regarding accessories accompanied with this screen, they are digitized with new technology to offer the best to the society. As example, the Magic remote control, which incredible performing what you may think is not possible.

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