Newly Released LG Encore All Touch Phone


The LG Encore all touch phone is meant to provide people with a more affordable option for a phone that has the same touchscreen capabilities that other more expensive phones have. The AT&T phones come with a three inch screen that allows the convenience of finding programs much faster than regular phones. The Encore phone also comes with a camera that allows video recording, media player, a GPS system, blue tooth, and 3G network.

The media player has radio stations that can stream live through a Dolby playback speaker. People who use the phone could talk on the phone without hanging up and at the same time, transmit a recorded video. The applications that come with the phone have been pre-loaded with social network capabilities and an Opera search engine.

Address books on the phone can connect to address books on email, so that a person does not have to hand type them all in. Users can comfortably talk up to three hours on the phone while having a stand by mode of up to ten days. The LG Encore accessories offered through AT&T are battery chargers and adapters for the home and car. LG Encore cases and belt clips are offered for easier transport. A bluetooth headset is ideal for hands on driving convenience, and extra memory cards to store more files for listening and viewing pleasure. The phones also come with LG Encore Screen Protectors that protect the screen from smudges and damage.


The LG Encore accessories also offer a cradle that can be placed in a car to provide a convenient view angle while driving and answer calls hand-free. Installing a cradle will mean less lost calls. There are various cradle mount holders that are easy to install inside of a car, which includes portable dash mounts, a grip it holder, windshield mount, a cup it holder kit, and a five piece set holder. The windshield mount also has a holder that comes with a picture frame where the consumer can put a picture of their choice into the frame. The grip it holder can be adjusted to fit the size of the phone. The holders can also hold a GPS unit.

The LG Encore accessories can also include silicone cases in different colors to wrap over the phone and provide protection against unwanted surface damage. The skin cases are made to fit any size phone. The form fitting contour used for the skin cases allow comfort and convenience so that people will not even realize it is there. The touchscreen phones are lightweight and compact and can easily fit into a pocket or purse. They are also thin phones that can be conveniently held in the hand when searching through the touchscreen menu. The back cover is easy to slip off when changing sim cards.

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